Vanness wu dating arissa cheo

It sparked speculations of a rocky marriage that may need to end.As stated in Taiwanese media, the couple were now seldom seen with each other publicly, and didn't even celebrate their birthdays together. 3, Cheo conveyed a post titled "Closing 2015" as written by Alchemist writer Paulo Coelho.Wu and his wife Arissa Cheo was on the limelight when the couple had an argument over Instagram in 2014.Cheo posted obscure messages a number of times on her social media, which one goes like this, "Loyal friends and true love are hard things to find." It was suspected that this post is to express her frustration over Wu.Celebrities who will be invited to their matrimonial celebration include former F4 members Vic Chou, Ken Zhu and Jerry Yen, Elva Hsiao as well as Jeffery Huang.Sources also revealed that the newlyweds will have an America traditional ceremony at 3pm which will be followed up with a buffet dinner and an after-party for their guests.

The couple reconciled in 2010 and cherished their second chance in love. After their marriage registration in Singapore earlier in the month of November 2013 , the couple decided to hold a grand banquet at The Resort Pelican Hill, a 5-star hotel in Los Angeles and tied the knot on November 16, 2013.

How is it that they are able to find out where I live, stand outside my house, ring my doorbell and ask to speak to my parents…

The marriage between singer-actor Vanness Wu and his wife, Arissa Cheo is reportedly on the brink of divorce.

The high-profile couple unfollowed each other after the fight.

Now, nine months after their argument, speculations are rife that they still have not patched things up as they still are not "friends" on the particular social media site.

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