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A: Shortly after graduating at MLML, I collaborated with co-investigators from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (Gregor Cailliet, Lisa Kerr, Jason Cope), the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG; Robert Lea, David Ven Tresca, and Eric Knaggs), and San Francisco State University (Ralph Larson) on a project entitled, “Biological Characteristics of Nearshore Fishes of California.” I surveyed and reviewed existing literature on the life history characteristics of the nearshore fishes of California included in the Marine Life Management Act, and other vulnerable species.

The literature survey (which included age information, spawning and reproductive status, recruitment information, population and stock genetics, species-habitat associations, and trophic interactions) identified major gaps in the existing knowledge of the life histories of these species, especially those necessary for fisheries managed and regulated by CDFG, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Pacific Fisheries Management Council.

I’m not sure if the latter could have been avoided.

A: I suggest taking a breadth of science and math classes (including oceanography, biology, ecology, geology, chemistry, physics, calculus).

The ichthyology lab at MLML was well set-up for age determination studies.

In addition, my study, and others in collaboration with Allen Andrews (MLML), improved upon existing radiometric age determination methods.

During that time I took a scuba class, and earned my PADI certification card. To earn a living in marine science, I knew I needed to also earn a graduate degree.

The National Marine Fisheries Service was interested in knowing more about the biology of the giant grenadier to improve management of the stock.A: In my current position as a Research Specialist for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS), I collect, interpret, and present scientific information obtained during Sanctuary research projects and from the external research community, for Sanctuary staff and the general public.My work includes designing and participating in field research and monitoring projects, providing science information for policy decisions, evaluating and issuing research permits, preparing reports, and contributing to website design products.I am involved with various marine research issues including marine reserves, ecological characterization, long-term monitoring, submerged cultural resources, and damage assessment (e.g., ship groundings, oil spills).I also spend time at sea collecting scientific data and information; several projects utilizing ROVs and submersibles include biological characterization of the Davidson Seamount, monitoring of deep-water fish and invertebrate assemblages off central California, and reconnaissance of the shipwrecks Montebello and USS Macon.

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