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In choosing this subject for my thesis I am conscious that I am also paying back a debt that I owe Chelčick; the reading of his book led me to the choice of my vocation.

I am also aware that he and his work are literally unknown in what is loosely termed the West.

Chapter 2− Peter Chelčick, The Setting In Time Chapter 3− Peter Chelčick, His Life Chapter 4− Peter Chelčick and the Hussite Reformation, the Parting of the Ways The Estrangement from the Tborites The Estrangement from the Utraquists Chapter 5− Peter Chelčick, His Philosophy The Donation of Constantine The State The Church Christian Socialism and Communism Pacifism Chelčicks Style PART II TRANSLATION OF THE NET OF FAITH, BOOK ONE: THE CORRUPTION OF THE CHURCH, CAUSED BY ITS FUSION AND CONFUSION WITH TEMPORAL POWER Foreword Prefaced to the Vilmov Edition of 1521 Section 1, The Allegory of the Miraculous Fishing, Chapters 1 to 5 Section 2, The Perfect and Exemplary Apostolic Church, Chapters 6 to 12 Section 3, Refutation of the Claims of the Council of Basel, Chapters 13 to 23 The Donation of Constantine (14) The Pope's Guilt in the Donation (15-18) The Emperor's Guilt in the Donation, with Wyclif's Arguments (19-23) Section 4, The Church and State Ought to Be Separated, Chapters 24 to 26 Section 5, The Origins of State and Christian Sovereignty, Chapters 27 to 29 Section 6, The Spiritual and Secular Powers, Chapters 30 to 39 The Evils of Secular Power, with Wyclf's Arguments (32-38) The Evils of Spiritual Power (39) Section 7, Refutation of Augustine's Arguments on Warfare, Chapters 40 to 41 Section 8, Commentary on Romans 13:1-2, Chapters 42 to 55 Section 9, Commentary on Romans 13:3-4, Chapters 56 to 67 Section 10, Refutation of the Arguments of Giles Charlier, Chapters 68 to 72 Section 11, Refutation of the Arguments of Albertus Magnus, Chapters 73 to 76 Section 12, Return to the Arguments of Giles Charlier, Chapters 77 to 80 Section 13, Military Service and War Contrary to the Law of Christ, Chapters 81 to 85 Section 14, Commentary on Romans 13:5-8, Chapters 86 to 91 Section 15, Commentary on 1 Timothy 2:1-3, Chapters 92 to 94 Section 16, Summary Concerning Secular Authority, Chapter 95 BIBLIOGRAPHY Original Works of Peter Chelčick Editions of The Net of Faith Critical Editions of Chelčicks Other Works Literature About Chelčick The Czech Reformation Christian Attitudes to War Other Material Peter Chelčick A Symbolical Pen Drawing Peter Chelčick Conversing with the Doctors of the University of Prague A Printed Page from the 1521 Edition of The Net of Faith Peter Chelčick and His Life A Miniature Drawing from the Book Hortus Deliciarum Frontispiece Illustration of the 1521 Edition of The Net of Faith The First Page of the Manuscript About the Three Estates by Peter Chelčick A Statue of Peter Chelčick by Professor Jan Straka of Prague Special symbols called diacritical marks are placed above standard characters to indicate sounds peculiar to Czech, which is a phonetic language that has only one sound for each letter.

Emphasis is always on the first syllable and the diacritical marks do not change the way syllables are emphasized.

Finally, I would like to thank my good friend in Pacifica for making this transcription possible.

Amedeo Molnr of Prague, who supplied me with much needed critical literature about Chelcick published in Bohemia during the war years, beside contributing many constructive suggestions.

Since these chapters represent an elaboration of the previous material, the translator has presented only their short synopsis. Unfortunately, I know no Czech (my sincere apologies go to those who do I am sure that I have made many mistakes), so the best that I can do is to reproduce what he left us.

Those portions that offer new insights into Chelčicks philosophy have been fully translated. I have made minor corrections to the spelling and grammar while preserving the meaning of the text.

In translating I used the critical edition of Peter Chelčicks Net of Faith made by Dr.

Emil Smetnka, Professor of Czech Language at Charles University, Prague[3]; this I often compared with the facsimile reprint of the first printed edition of 1521, a copy of which is available in the Library of the University of California.[4] I am indebted to Professor George H.

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