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The YUConnects Website is powered by Saw You At Sinai (SYAS), the Jewish matchmaking online service.

One success story was Yeshiva College’s own student council president, Shloimie Zeffren, a business major, who credits YUConnects in part for his recent engagement.

This is not like ordering a latte at Starbucks, or picking music for your i Pod; people cannot be customized.

I can understand the need to be on the same page, but too often, people are looking to be on the same line.” As for whether the initiative reinforces negative stereotypes about YU students being overly concerned with dating, Brander said YUConnects offers relief from dating pressure.

YUConnects filled an important need, said Sobolofsky.

“As people leave structured environments or places where they can meet other suitable people, it’s essential to help them network with other Jewish singles,” she pointed out.

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