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Cleopatra had already become a goddess toward the end of her father’s reign.

“But now she was to be specifically identified with Egypt’s most famous single mother, the goddess Isis.” With the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B. on the Ides of March, Cleopatra found herself in an awkward position.

After they prevailed, Octavian, renamed Augustus Caesar, ruled the western half of the empire while Antony controlled the east.

Rushing from the palace he ripped off his diadem and, in a well-orchestrated public display of anger, the crowd surged forward, intent on mobbing the palace.” However, “Caesar would not be intimidated.Her “own beauty, as they say, was not, in and of itself, completely incomparable, nor was it the sort that would astound those who saw her; but interaction with her was captivating, and her appearance, along with her persuasiveness in discussion and her character that accompanied every interchange, was stimulating,” wrote Plutarch, a philosopher who lived A. “She was queen of Egypt, Cyrene and Cyprus, heir to the long and proud dynasty of the Ptolemies … The Ptolemies were descended from a Macedonian general who had served under Alexander the Great.a passionate but also very astute woman who had maneuvered Rome – and would maneuver Rome again – into advancing the interests of the Ptolematic legacy.” Cleopatra was born in 69 B. Although they had ruled Egypt for nearly three centuries, their kingdom was eclipsed by the power of Rome and there was a great deal of internal dissension that eventually led to Cleopatra fighting against her own brother.“He woke up the next morning to find that his sister had somehow arrived at the palace.She was already on the most intimate of terms with Caesar and had managed to persuade him to support her cause,” she writes.

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